Birds for sale: Updated 07/18/18

All birds we offer for sale are hand-fed, and they have also tested negative for Psittacosis, Polyoma and PBFD. This is not something many bird stores do, however we feel it's a necessity. We will only sell happy, healthy babies that have the best possibility of providing years of enjoyment. Of course, the testing we are doing means that our birds will cost a little more than a bird purchased elsewhere, but we feel that it's worth it, and hope you feel that way as well.

We also believe that to give our babies the best upbringing, we need to focus our energy on each individual bird. We also feel that many stores have far too many birds for sale - over-crowding causes stress and stress causes illness. Consequently, we will never have more than a select few babies available in the store at any given time. If we don't currently have the type of bird you're looking for, we'd be happy to help you find one for a small, refundable deposit. Otherwise, please come in and meet the babies we currently have for sale, we might just have The Perfect Parrot for you.

Keel-Billed Toucans
Mealy Amazon
Double Yellow Headed Amazons
Yellow Naped Amazons
Mexican Red Headed Amazons
Nanday Conures
Meyers Parrots
Blue Headed Pionus (Adult)
White-Eyed Conure (Adult)
Gold Capped Conures
Pricess of Wales Parakeet (Blue)
Sun Conures
Green Cheek Conure
Pacific Parrotlets
Lovebirds (Peach Faced - all mutations)

All prices include a starter kit with food, treats and toys specially picked for your baby. You will also get 20% off your entire purchase the day your baby goes home (price of bird not included) which is a great way to start your baby off with the right cage, a playstand and lots of toys.

When you purchase a bird from us, the normal grooming fee is waived. We will provide free grooming for your baby with any $25 purchase. Also, as we already know your baby is healthy, you won't need any further testing to board your baby with us.

(Prices and availability subject to change.)